a site about using mods made by Discrepancy (DS),
along with the mod: THE NORTH by Tom Sawyer
currently the site is only being updated with info from the mod: Industry Mining in the North,
but will eventually be a place for all info about other mods also compatible (DS Jetty & Bridge, DS Wagon Vendor, etc).
  • Banished – latest version of the game (1.0.7 build 170910)
  • The North – mod by Tom Sawyer – latest version 6.1 beta – download available here
  • DS Industry Mining in The North – latest version beta 02 – download available here
also suggested a real-time aging mod with citizen happiness changes:
  • Norseman“Tough people from the North. Realtime aging for your Nordic adventure. With a racial bonus on strength and cold-resistance.” mod by Tom Sawyer
  • Ironman“Real time aging with hard conditions for a special challenge. Creates a balanced Nordic adventure for experienced players.” mod by Tom Sawyer